Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jingle Bells and Iron Men

This past weekend, I ran the 2012 Denver Jingle Bell Run with the family.  I felt kind of bad for the race organizers because it has been so warm and beautiful lately and it ends up being 20 degrees and windy on the day they hold their event.  I guess if was sort of nice that there was actually a little bit of snow in the park as we ran with our jingle bells.  This was a run that I'd planned to run for time but instead ran with the family.  My wife has recently decided that she wants to complete an Ironman triathlon.  If she's put her mind to it, I have no doubt that she'll achieve her goal.  However, she's never been much of a runner to this point.  She was a competitive swimmer in high school and a has recently become an accomplish cyclist, but the running part of the triathlon was a big question mark.  She's tried a few times in the past but has always battled shin pain and plantar fasciitis.  I suggested that minimalist running may be the way for her to go if she want to try and complete a marathon.  Being on the mid/fore foot should be much less pounding on her weak spots than a heel strike.  We went out an bought he some minimalist running shoes (Reebok ZigNano) and I am happy to report that things are going well.   When we started the Jingle Bell Run, she complained of her usual running maladies, but as she warmed up and developed a stride and rhythm she felt much better.  In fact, she was able to run the entire distance.  It was great to see her take to the minimalist running and I was happy to run with her rather than against the clock.  She's since had the expected calf soreness but I told her that it will go away if she keeps it up.  Her prospects for completing an Ironman are definitely looking up.

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