Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Worthy Cause

Friends, don't let the gloomy April weather bring you down. It is a mere 19 weeks until the Courage Classic to benefit Children's Hospital Colorado. I invite any of you to join team Jelly Belly for Kids and ride with us. There is nothing else that you could possibly be doing the weekend of July 19-21 that will be as fun and rewarding as this ride. I know you might be thinking, "but I'm afraid of exercise, clean air and stunning scenery". Fear not, as this is one of the best supported, family-oriented tours around. In addition to the numerous well-stocked aid stations, there are vans that will pick you and your bike up at any point and ferry you as far as you'd like to go. You're next excuse might be "I don't think I can afford it." Wrong! You can't afford not to do it. For the low, low price of $95 you get three fabulous days of food, folks and fun (and a t-shirt). Sure, you have to do some fundraising, but this is a children's hospital we're talking about. Seriously, this is a VERY worthy cause and Children's Hospital Colorado does some amazing things for many very sick children. Don't let your final earthly thought be "Damn, I new got to ride the Courage Classic" or "I can't believe I wasted all my money at Starbucks, Walmart and the bar on the corner instead of helping sick kids". Sign up before all the spots are gone. Join us! Click here.

Need some more inspiration? A slide show for my last four years of the ride will be posted immediately after this post.

If you have a LEGITIMATE excuse for not riding with us this summer, I would greatly appreciate it if you'd consider a modest donation in my name here . Of course, you could also make a donation on behalf of my significantly cuter son here. Enjoy that warm feeling you get when you donate to a good cause. I will be bugging folks again over the next few months but why wait.

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