Friday, January 3, 2014

GEAR REVIEW: Armada ARVti skis

I just had the chance to demo some skis at Loveland Ski Area.  The first ski I tried was the Icelantic Nomad RKR.  This is a fun, light, quick ski that is a blast in powder, steeps and off piste terrain.  It was ok on the groomers but not as stable as I like.  I also tried the K2 Shredditor which was lightning quick and also great in powder, steeps and off piste terrain but did not have as large a sweet spot as the Nomads.  I'm sure I'd get into a grove if I skied it all the time, but the ski can get away from you a little bit if you are not right on top of it.  

My favorite was the ARMADA ARVti.  This ski was amazing.  It was a little heavier than the Nomad and Shredditor but was still a beast is all terrain types and snow conditions that I took it into.  Even some of my ski patrol colleague noticed the easy with which I ripped up even the steepest and most demanding terrain.  Moreover, this ski carves like a dream on the groomers.  I always felt like I was in complete control.  These skis are at the very top of my wish list.

"After 10 years spent largely unchanged, our original all-mountain tool got a new chassis, a top and bottom layer of Titanal, and the new AR Nose Rocker profile. The ARVti combines a Comp Series Base and a burly core, creating an on-piste charger that can still hold its own, and its edge, when the going gets bumpy." - ARMADA website

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